Women are heroes
Women are heroes JR-Women-are-Heroes-Livre-Book-Inside-Out-Social-Animals-Marco-Berrebi-2 JR-Women-are-Heroes-Livre-Book-Inside-Out-Social-Animals-Marco-Berrebi-6 JR-Women-are-Heroes-Livre-Book-Inside-Out-Social-Animals-Marco-Berrebi-5 JR-Women-are-Heroes-Livre-Book-Inside-Out-Social-Animals-Marco-Berrebi-4 JR-Women-are-Heroes-Livre-Book-Inside-Out-Social-Animals-Marco-Berrebi-3

Women are heroes


Entitled "Women are heroes", this book by JR and Marco Berrebi was be published in 2011. There are 360 pages, the format is 9 x 12,8 inches (23 x 32,5 cm). ISBN : 9782862277479.

WOMEN ARE HEROES is an adventure book that transports you in Africa, Asia abd South America. After Portrait of a Generation, staged in the Paris suburbs in 2006, and Face2Face, in the Middle East in 2007, WOMEN ARE HEROES is the third part of the 28mm series.

Women Are Heroes talks about women who sometimes walk side by side with death and often embrace life, moving from taers to laughter. They are generous women who have nothing, but are willing to share, women who have painful pasts and want to build bright futures. Searching for what is common in their gaze, we come closer to what in universal : the human factor.

Women Are Heroes has enabled JR to keep the promise he made to women : « to take their story around the world ».

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JR was born in 1983 in Paris. In 2001, he started photography and decided to travel across Europe to meet the artists who expressed themselves in the street. Between 2004 and 2006, he produced his first series of collages, entitled "Portraits d’une génération", portraying the inhabitants of the Bosquets housing projects. At the time, riots broke out in the suburbs.
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