Selling artworks from your collection

For any collector, selling a artwork is always a delicate process, whether for pricing, negotiating with a potential buyer, or shipping the work. Each step is important and takes time. Working with a professional who knows all these parameters is a simple and reassuring solution.


telephone-picto-sold-art1. CONTACT

Call us at +33 (0)9 72 47 49 63 or email with your contact details and information about the works : title, name of artist, state of the work. Our exchanges are confidential.


evaluation-picto-sold-art2. SELECTION AND EVALUATION

Following this first contact, we will select and estimate the work(s) for free. Our proposal will be sent by email.


contrat-picto-sold-art-23. CONTRACT AND SHIPPING OF WORKS

We have collaborated with a lawyer to create a consignment agreement which provides a legal framework for the deposit of your work and guarantees to all parties. Once this contract is signed, you will send us the work(s) (we will advise you on how to ship it). Should you wish to sell several works, we will come over directly to your place and collect them ourselves.


photo-picto-sold-art4. SALES AND COMMUNICATION

Once we have received the work(s), we will take pictures of it in our studio and put them onto our website, advertize it through our newsletter to our customers, and share it on social networks. The works are stored in secure premises.


felicitation-picto-sold-art5. CONGRATULATIONS

Once the artwork is sold, we take care of shipping and tracking. The invoice is sent to you and the amount of the sale is paid to you by bank transfer.



In France, consignment, deposit, and sale are regulated by law. Salvage dealers, antique and consignment shop operators are required to register at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (our number RCS is: 798 214 912). They have to keep a good record of household goods resale. Article R321-1 of the French code pénal.