Born in 1969 in Paris (FR)
Live in Paris (FR)

Biography of Invader

Invader was born in 1969 near Paris. He studied at the Fine Arts school in Rouen. In 1998, he started his “Invasion” with a project entitled “Space Invader”, revisiting the universe of the famous video game of the 1970-80s. He has worked all around the world: Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, etc. He lists them on a map available on its website.
Since 2005, he has been developing his “Rubickubiste” project using Rubik’s Cubes, giving a 3D aspect to his creations. His has done quite a remarkable work – in June 2011, he placed his 1000th Space Invader in the street. Since then, he has continued his invasion freely, using bigger tiles.

Exhibition dates of Invader

“1000” à la Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris

“LOW FIDELITY” à Lazarides Gallery, Londres
“TOP 10” à Jonathan Levine Gallery, New-York

“Bad Men Part II” et “Invasion London” à Lazarides Gallery, Londres
“Bad Men-Part I” à la Galerie Joellenbeck, Cologne (Allemagne)

“Compilation” à la Galerie de Bellecour, Lyon
“Rubikcubism” à Six space, Los Angeles
“Rubik space” à la Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris

“I invade HOYWOD” à la galerie Subliminal Projects”, Los Angeles

“Game not over” à la Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris
“Invader” à la Citylights gallery, Melbourne.

“I invade Tokyo” à And-a, Osaka et Tokyo

“Same player shoot again” à la Galerie Almine Rech, Paris

“New player insert coins” à Jean Charles de Castelbajac CS, Paris

Available artworks by Invader

Videos of Invader