Invasion of Clermont-Ferrand by Invader

Invited by the International Short Film Festival for the viewing of his film Art4space, French artist Invader invaded Clermont-Ferrand (France) with his mosaics.

This city was not unknown to the artist, who had installed 6 mosaics in 2001 and added 2 more five years later.
In this new wave of invasion, the artist rose to a higher level, with more time attributed to prior identification and work creation. Invader creates his mosaics depending on the city, the wall where the piece will be placed, visibility, and no longer limits himself to small mosaics glued up on street corners.

Thirty-one Space Invaders appeared on the walls of Clermont -ferrand in one week. They bear many references to the identity of the city : the chain of volcanoes of Auvergne, Michelin’s Bibendum and test tracks, and the film festival. The major work of this invasion is a more than 5 meter-high Serge Gainsbourg smoking a cigarette. It consists of 15-centimeter tiles and is located in the street that bears his name. A series of bats called Bat-Invaders were installed near the Cathedral Notre-Dame de l’Assomption.

People who have downloaded the Flash Invaders app will be happy to flash the 35 works scattered throughout the city for a total of 1,480 points. Unfortunately, four mosaics are no longer active. We hope that a reactivation team intervenes soon.

Photo credit :  Ben Rch – Soldart