Paper Trail
Paper Trail lek_&_sowat_paper_trail_lithographie_DMV_da_mental_vaporz_stone_film_urdla_graffiti_print_fine_art_paris_craftsmanship_making_of_film_soldart_traditional_culture_calame_calligraphy_edition-5 lek_&_sowat_paper_trail_lithographie_DMV_da_mental_vaporz_stone_film_urdla_graffiti_print_fine_art_paris_craftsmanship_making_of_film_soldart_traditional_culture_calame_calligraphy_edition-4 lek_&_sowat_paper_trail_lithographie_DMV_da_mental_vaporz_stone_film_urdla_graffiti_print_fine_art_paris_craftsmanship_making_of_film_soldart_traditional_culture_calame_calligraphy_edition-3 lek_&_sowat_paper_trail_lithographie_DMV_da_mental_vaporz_stone_film_urdla_graffiti_print_fine_art_paris_craftsmanship_making_of_film_soldart_traditional_culture_calame_calligraphy_edition-2

Paper Trail


Entitled "Paper Trail", this 2 color stone lithography by Lek & Sowat is enhanced by the artists. After printing, they paint over each copies, creating unique works of art. Made in april 2015, it's an edition of 30 + 5 artist’s proof. It is signed and numbered by the artists. Format : 31,5 x 47,2 inches (80 x 120 cm). Printed on Velin BFK Rives 300g/m² (100% cotton), paper with fringed edges. The work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Additional Information


Lek & Sowat

Type of work

Enhanced original lithograph

Edition of

30 + 5 AP


31,5 x 47,2 inches (80 x 120 cm)

Signed by the artist


Paper type

Velin BFK Rives 300 g/m² (100% cotton), paper with fringed edges

Year of edition

april 2015

Certificate of authenticity made by the artist


Provenance of this artwork

Sold Art edition


For their second edition, the on-line Sold Art gallery chose to publish a original lithography enhanced by hand by Lek and Sowat. Both French artists stayed three days in the studio of URDLA in Villeurbanne in order to create this print named «Paper Trail». The movie lasts a few minutes and the photos show the process of creation on 2 lithographic stones of 200 kilos each. Thanks to a mixture of 19th century know-how and contemporary art, of calame and roller, Lek and Sowat left a track on the tricky paper. The experiment is the heart of the work, nothing was planned or defined in advance. The mistakes become interesting, their movements are free.


The artist

Lek & Sowat

Lek & Sowat

The meeting of Lek & Sowat happened in 2010 at a collective exhibition organized by the Graffiti Art magazine at the Celal gallery. They shared a common taste for Urbex or Urban Exploration, the art of finding and creating things in abandoned places. Pushing the boundaries of traditional graffiti, their in situ experiments are a mix of video, architectural abstraction, installations and archeology, creating a modern form of urban land art.
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