Tom Gilmour

Born in 1986 in Slough (UK).
Live in London.

Biography of Tom Gilmour

Tom Gilmour was born in 1986 in Slough, England. He specializes in black and white illustration. He was inspired by Asian iconography, the skateboarding universe, and tattoos from the 1920s to the 1970s. His path was never an easy one. After three years of studies in architecture, he realized that the subject was not for him. He decided to learn graphic design, but he could not picture himself sitting for hours at a computer and working as an employee.
He took charge of his own life and moved to London, where he made T-shirts for friends and music bands, and also drew ruthlessly. His passion for tattooing led him to meet Toulouse tattoo artists, who introduced him to the discipline. In the recent years, he has regularly been invited to participate in group exhibitions in England, France, and Canada. In 2013, he collaborated with Mike Giant on a silkscreen.

Exhibition dates of Tom Gilmour

« SACRED FOLKLORE », La Maison 15/75, Paris
“GDFB” (The Netherlands Art Festival), Breda
“ART and SOUND”, Gallery 446, Palm Springs (US)
“DOSxHASHTAG” (group show), Hashtag Gallery, Toronto
“DOS” (group show), Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto
“BLACK LINE COLLECTIVE” (group show), AKA LDN, Londres
“OPENING EVENT” (group show), AKA, Londres


Available works