Born in 1973 in Toulouse (FR)
Live in Toulouse (FR)

Biography of Tilt

Tilt was born in 1973 in Toulouse (FR). He started painting in 1988 in his hometown. What he prefers doing is quickly signing his name using the “throw up” or “flop” technique, usually consisting in two colors with volume and a rounded shape. He has performed his art during his trips to many countries : the United States (he lived for 10 years in New York), England, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Canada , Philippines, Indonesia … etc
His passion for women and shapes can be found in his “flops” and in his work entitled “Bubblegirl”. He has published a book about it entitled Fetish Bubble Girls. He also worked on cartoon heroes such as SpongeBob, and on the subject of junk food, with ​​exhibitions in 2013.

Exhibition dates of Tilt

Too many ways to die, Kolly Gallery, Zurich
Lines and Dots (avec Mist), Atelier des Bains, Genève

Tilt, Galerie David Pluskwa, Marseille
Magic & Destroy, Galerie Wallworks, Paris
All you can eat, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles

Closer to God in heels, La Grille, Yverdon (Suisse)
Agnostic Fonts, Montana Gallery, Barcelone

A.B.C, Galerie Montana, Montpellier

My Love Letters, Celal Gallery, Paris

Bubble FeTiltism, Kidrobot space, New-York
BubbleGirls, Aimecube, Paris
Worldwide Babitches, Grand OFR, Londres

Egodrips, Disrupt gallery, Auckland, Nouvelle-Zelande
FeTiltism, Refill Space, Sydney

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