(Dean Stockton)

Born in 1978 in London.
Live in London.

Biography of D*Face

Dean Stockton a.k.a D*Face was born in 1978 in London. As a teenager, he found an interest in graffiti through the books of Henry Chalfant, “Spraycan Art” and “Subway Art”. He was also fond of skateboarding and the punk culture, through magazines like Thrasher. As he wasn’t very good at school, he began studying photography in order to work in this field. But things turned out differently; he later turned to illustration. Meanwhile, he started to stick stickers on the streets of London. His passion soon took over his job. In 2005 he opened his own StolenSpace gallery in London.
His style is easily recognizable as he uses pictures of cultural icons (Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, the Queen, etc.). He also gets his inspiration from the works of artist Roy Lichtenstein. His goal is “to encourage people to not only see, but also to look around them, to rethink the stereotypes of our culture, to not remain passive before the reign of conspicuous consumption”.
Over time, D*Face has employed other techniques : spray, stencil, painting, and worked in major cities such as Barcelona, ​​New York, Tokyo… etc.

Exhibition dates of D*Face



Love / Hate Group Show, Stolenspace Gallery, London

Stolen Space Christmas Group Show, London.
On Every Street, Samuel Owen Gallery, Connecticut
Goss-Michael Foundation Gallery, Dallas.
“Burn Brighter”, (solo) Metro Gallery, Melbourne
“Going Nowhere Fast”, (solo) Corey Helford Gallery, L.A
Corey Helford Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Show, Los Angeles

Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London

Nu Art. Stavinger, Norway
Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London
“All Your Dreams Belong to Us”, (solo) Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC
”Ludivico Aversion Therapy/All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us’. Jonathan Levine Gallery. NYC. September 12th

“aPOPcalypse now,” (solo) Black Rat Press gallery, London, England
Fresh Air Smells Funny. Osnabrück Museum. Germany
Urban Art Auction. Bonhams. London, England
White Noise Paper Works Show. Black Rat Press. London, England
D*Arm/RockFace. 24SF/Upper Playground. San Francisco. USA.
Under a Red Sky. Summer Group Show. StolenSpace Gallery. London, England
Nu Art. Stavinger, Norway
D*Face x Shepard Fairey . Gallerie Magda. Paris, France

“Eyecons,” (solo) at O Contemporary in Brighton, England
Summer Group Show. StolenSpace Gallery. London, England
Groups Show Leonard Street Gallery, London, England
Nu Art. Stavinger Museum. Norway.
White Noise. Black Rat Press. London, England
The Streets of Europe. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York

“Death & Glory,” (solo) at the Stolenspace gallery, London, England
Urban Funke, Group Show, Barcelona, Spain
Ice Hotel, Ice Suite creation.
Santas Ghetto. London, England
Wooster Collective Spring Street Project. NYC


Urban Funke – Finders Keepers group exhibit, Barcelona, Spain
A Few of our Favourite Fiends – group show, Outside Institute, London, England
Adfunture London – Introducing D*Dog, Outside Institute, London, England
Adfunture Invasion – Introducing D*Dog, Pixie, Taipei
Pictures on Walls – group show, Allmanna Galleriet Stockholm, Sweden
Santa’s Ghetto – group show, London, England
7th Day – Group show, Pimp, December London, England

Native Weapon – Group Show
Love – Finders Keepers group show, Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Hollywood Remix Show – group show, Wooster Collective, New York
Finders Keepers – group show, Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
Santa’s Ghetto – group show, December London, England

Trajan Bar – Solo Show, Stockholm, Sweden

Trick or Treat Motherfucker – Dreambags Jaguar Shoes, London, England

Stick ‘em up – stickers – Magma, London, England

Available artworks by D*Face

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