(Fernando Carlo)

Born in 1968 in the South Bronx (USA)
Live in New-York (USA)

Biography of Cope2

Fernando Carlo a.k.a COPE2 was born in 1968 in the South Bronx. He started painting in 1978, influenced by his cousin Chris. In 1982, he created his own crew, the “Kids Destroyer” which later became “King’s Destroyer”. Very active in the 1980-90s, he painted in all New York subway lines, which is how he earned his fame. But the New York authorities started chasing graffiti artists and severely punishing them.
He then worked in the city, making simple graffiti, as well as with galleries, and major brands such as Time Life, Converse, Adidas, or Footlocker. Highly regarded in the world of graffiti artists, he still paints legally in the streets and collaborates with other artists such as Shepard Fairey, Retna, Kenny Scharf, etc.

Exhibition dates of Cope2

(Solo) Enigma, G&B Studio D’Arte Contemporanea, Venise

(Solo) Perseverance, Galerie MathGoth, Paris
(Solo) Versatile, Inner State Gallery, Detroit
(Solo) Hypnotic, Gallery 69, New York
Infinite, Dirty Pilot Gallery, Cochituate
(Collective) URBAN ART BIENNIAL, Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbrücken, Allemagne

(Solo) The Rebirth, Project 1 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Resilient, Dorian Grey Gallery, New York
(Solo) NY
Defiance, MathGoth Gallery, Paris
(Collective) The Art of Basketball: Heat Wave, Public Works Gallery, Miami
(Collective) 50 Shades of Art, 1004 Gallery, Miami
(Collective) New York Kings, Pure Evil Gallery, Londres
(Collective) The Art of Basketball, POP Gallery, New York
(Collective) Leave the Beef at the BBQ, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco
(Collective) Fifty Fifty, MathGoth Gallery, Paris

(Solo) The Last Legend, Bob’s Bar Gallery, New York
(Solo) World’s Famous Bubble, Halvandet Gallery, Copenhague
(Solo) Authentic, Maximillian Gallery, West Hollywood
(Solo) Transition, TT-Underground Gallery, New York
(Collective) The Art of Basketball (Next Wave), One Gallery, Newark (US)
(Collective) The (S) Files Biennial, El Museo Del Barrio, New York
(Collective) Urban Art- Graffiti 21, Weltkulturerbe Volklinger Hutte, Volklingen, Allemagne

(Solo) True Legend, Dirty Pilot Gallery, Cochituate (US)
(Collective) Burning Hearts, Galerie MathGoth, Paris
(Collective) The Art Of Basketball, Public Works Gallery, Wynwood (US)
(Collective) Down By Law, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hamptons (US)
(Collective) Pop Art, Freeman‘s Auction, Philadelphie
(Collective) Artefacts, TT-Underground Gallery, New York
(Collective) Color Correct, Eden Gallery, New York
(Collective) Graphic Attack, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco

(Solo) Fine Lines, Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlin
(Collective) The Generations, The Showroom Gallery, New York (Guest Curator)
(Collective) TAG au Grand Palais, Gallizia Collection, Paris
(Collective) All that Glitters is Gold, McCaig Welles Gallery, Brooklyn (Guest Curator)

(Solo) Cope2, Broken Bread Gallery, Denver, CO
Cope2, Muse Gallery, New London (US)
(Collective) The Style God, Artdrenaline Gallery, Den Haag, Pays-Bas
(Collective) Top of the Line, The Showroom Gallery, New York (Guest Curator)
(Collective) Come Correct, The Showroom Gallery, New York (Guest Curator)
(Collective) Made From Love, The Bronx Museum of Arts, Bronx

(Collective) New York Legends, McCaig & Welles Gallery, Brooklyn (Guest Curator)
(Collective) No Comply, The Federation Atrium Square, Sydney

(Solo) Kings Destroy, Every Gallery, Tokyo

(Collective) The Walls Belong to Us, PowerHouse Arena, Brooklyn
(Collective) Weapons of Mass Destruction, Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco
(Collective) Old Skool Legends, The Outside Insititute, Londres

(Solo) Cope2, Defiance Gallery, Chicago
(Solo) Cope2:True Legend, Koi Gallery, Brooklyn
(Collective) Subway Series: The New York Yankees and The American Dream, The Bronx Musuem of Arts, Bronx

(Collective) Clash of the Titans, McCaig-Welles, Brooklyn

(Collective) Tags, Bombs & Scratchiti, Martinez Gallery, New York

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