Eye 4 an eye (V.I.P. version)
Eye 4 an eye (V.I.P. version) futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-2 futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-3 futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-4 futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-5 futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-6 futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-7 futura-2000-unkle-kubrick-eye-4-an-eye-vip-version-medicom toy-8
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Eye 4 an eye (V.I.P. version)


Entitled "Eye 4 an eye (VIP version)", this box set by Futura 2000 was made by Medicom Toy in 2003, in collaboration with Unkle. It's include sticker sheet, 4 Kubrick and a vinyl. Format : 15,7 x 15,7 x 3,3 inches (40 x 40 x 8,5 cm).

Artwork condition
Good condition.
The packaging cover has yellowed.

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Futura 2000

Type of work

Art toys


15,7 x 15,7 x 3,3 inches (40 x 40 x 8,5 cm)

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