La jeune fille et le tout petit monsieur
La jeune fille et le tout petit monsieur Ella-Pitr-La-Jeune-et-le-tout-petit-monsieur-oeuvre Ella-Pitr-La-Jeune-et-le-tout-petit-monsieur-oeuvre-4 Ella-Pitr-La-Jeune-et-le-tout-petit-monsieur-oeuvre-5 Ella-Pitr-La-Jeune-et-le-tout-petit-monsieur-oeuvre-6

La jeune fille et le tout petit monsieur


Entitled "La jeune fille et le tout petit monsieur", this screen print is enhanced by Ella & Pitr. It's an edition of 25. After printing, the artists paint over each copies, creating unique works of art. Made in 2016, it is signed and numbered by the artists. Format : 19,85 x 25,19 inches (50 x 64 cm).


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Ella & Pitr

Type of work

Enhanced screen print

Edition of



19,85 x 25,19 inches (50 x 64 cm)

Signed by the artist


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The artist

Ella & Pitr

Ella & Pitr

Ella & Pitr met on an Autumn night in 2007, in a random street, as each of them was pasting posters on the walls. That same year, they united their talents and formed "Les Papiers Peintres". Over time, they have made a great number of works in France (mainly in St Etienne), Chile, Portugal, Canada; their passion always leading them further. Their mastering many techniques also allows them to work on different media.
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