"Untitled" bom-k-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 back BomK-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol-acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 detail 1 bomk-aerosol-acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-2006 detail 3 bom-k-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol-acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 detail 2 bom-k-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 signature
bom-k-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 backBomK-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol-acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 detail 1bomk-aerosol-acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-2006 detail 3bom-k-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol-acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 detail 2bom-k-spray-paint-acrylic-canvas-artwork-work-of-art-aerosol acrylique-toile-oeuvre-art masterpiece-2006 signature



This canvas by Bom.K is unique work of art. Made with spray paint and acrylic in 2006, it is signed by the artist. Format : 78,7 x 78,7 inches (200 x 200 cm).

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78,7 x 78,7 inches (200 x 200 cm)

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