Lek & Sowat - Paper Trail • New lithography on stone • Edition by Sold Art

For their second edition, the on-line Sold Art gallery chose to publish a lithography enhanced by hand by Lek and Sowat. Both French artists stayed three days in the studio of URDLA in Villeurbanne in order to create this print named «Paper Trail».

The movie lasts a few minutes and the photos show the process of creation on 2 lithographic stones of 200 kilos each. Thanks to a mixture of 19th century know-how and contemporary art, of calame and roller, Lek and Sowat left a track on the tricky paper. The experiment is the heart of the work, nothing was planned or defined in advance. The mistakes become interesting, their movements are free.

Creation process of the print

One week before the artists arrived, Marc, master of lithography prepared both stones of 200 kilos each by granulating them.

The first day, Lek painted abstract forms on the stone with a roller of paint, art he has developped for several years on the walls of abandoned places. Before the impression, Lek defined different zones with the tracing paper, then Sowat stepped in so that their two styles mixed perfectly. Marc then prepared the stone with various acids, then it was delicately placed on the 1885 lithographic press to print copies in red.

The second day, Sowat put back the different zones on the stone. He began by experimenting the thick ink with some water. Secondly, he used the calame to complete the zones with calligraphy. Once the stone dried and prepared, Marc and his 2 assistants printed Sowat’s work in black.

The last day was the one of the enhancement of the artists’ work in order that each copy would be unique. Alternately they added forms to the acrylic, in red, black and silver. The day ended by the signature and the numbering of the lithographies and certificates of authenticity.

Description of the work

Lek & Sowat – Paper Trail
2 colors stone lithography enhanced by hand by the artists.
After printing, the artists paint over each copies, creating unique works of art at an affordable price.
It’s a 120 x 80 cm size, edited in 30 copies + 5 artist’s proof.
All signed and numbered by the artists. Printed on Velin BFK Rives 300g/m² (100% cotton), paper with fringed edges.
Sold with a certificate authenticity. Price : 490 euros.
International delivery with follow-up number and insurance.

Available on : http://www.soldart.com/oeuvres/lek-sowat-paper-trail-lithographie/