Ella & Pitr – Brigitte-Angélique Des Braises De La Marmite • Saint-Etienne (FR)

The family of giants entitled Sommeils Lourds keeps expanding. After painting the Coup de pied à la Lune in May, depicting a sleeping referee near the Chateaucreux train station in Saint Etienne (FR), Ella & Pitr invested the lawn of one of the emblematic places of the city, the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium.

Quite an original support, and an unusual meeting for this “in situ” work of art painted in two days. Entitled Brigitte-Angélique Des Braises De La Marmite, in reference to the nickname of the stadium (“the Cauldron”), this 7,000 square-meter giant came to sleep on the grass of the football pitch. An ephemeral work whose sole witness is this series of photographs taken from a drone.

Photo credits : Ella & Pitr