Born in 1971 in New-York (USA)
Live in Albuquerque (USA)

Biography of Mike Giant

Mike Giant was born in 1971 in New York. When he was very young he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA), where he studied architecture for 4 years. In 1993, he worked as an illustrator in San Francisco for Think Skateboard. In 2003 he created with his friend Josh the clothing brand Rebel 8, in connection with the skateboarding world.
He continued his work as an illustrator and tattooist in parallel, opening his tattoo shop in the city of Albuquerque. Through his tattoos, graffiti or illustrations, the Mexican culture and skateboarding environment are widely represented.

Exhibition dates of Mike Giant

Modern Hieroglyphics,” à Fecal Face Dot Gallery , San Francisco

Solo show, Known Gallery, Los Angeles

“Reflections on Past, Present and Future”, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco
Welcome to Frisco, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan

Solo show, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco

Mike Giant, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris
Group show with Usugrow, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco
Group show, Jinxed Gallery, Philadelphia
Solo show, Monster Children Gallery, Sydney
Solo show, Don’t Come, Melbourne
Fecal Face 7.5 Year Anniversary Show, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
“Bestial” group show, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelone
Bad Music (group show), American Electric Tattoo, Los Angeles
Masters of the Universe, group show, Magic Pony Gallery, Toronto

16×12 group show, Monster Children Gallery, Darlinghurst (Australie)
Lovers Rock group show, 222 Gallery, Philadelphia
Group show with Vitche, 5024SF Gallery, San Francisco
Skulls, Wheels, and Ink, group show, Outre Gallery, Melbourne (Australie)
New Works by Mike Giant and Mike Davis, White Walls Gallery, San Franciso
Fecal Face Group Show, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
Art of Hysteric, group show, Hong Kong
Diary of a Madman, Best, Londres
Visions of Strength and Beauty, solo show, Colette, Paris
Bully, group show, American Electric Tattoo, Los Angeles

Las Chicas de Burque, solo show, Lab101 Gallery, Culver City (US)
Burque, solo show, Royal Cheese, Paris
Mi Chica Sabrosa, solo show, Nomad, Toronto (CA)
Kundalini, solo show, The Erotic Museum, Los Angeles
Giant Vs Giant, group show, Voice 1156 Gallery, San Diego

Circle, group show, Brooklyn Projects, Los Angeles
Unframed, group show, 5024SF Gallery, San Francisco
For the Love of Money, group show, Canvas Gallery, San Francisco
Juxtapoz 10th Anniversary group show, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, California
The Additive Method, solo show, Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver
Hot and Cold, group show, Needles and Pens, San Francisco

Buck Funnies, group show, Heaven Gallery, Chicago
10-4, group show, Gallery Bink, Portland
Career Day, group show, MOCADC, Washington
8.5×11, group show, 55DSL, New-York

System Failure, group show, Revoluciones Gallery, Denver
Four on the Floor, group show, 5024SF Gallery, San Francisco
BEAMS group show, BEAMS Ts, Tokyo
New Works, solo show, WDWA Gallery, New-York
Suits Made to Fit, group show, Works Gallery, San Jose (US)

Heads of State, solo show, The Link Gallery, San Jose (US)

Applied Science, group show, The Lab, Baltimore
Sketch, group show, Juice Gallery, San Francisco

Available artworks by Mike Giant

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