Martha Cooper

Born in 1942 in Baltimore (USA)
Live in New-York (USA)

Biography of Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper was born in 1942 in Baltimore (USA). In 1980, she retired as a photographer for the New York Post to devote herself entirely to photographing the emerging Hip Hop and graffiti scene in New York, especially in the Bronx. She managed to gain acceptance in the community and met the greatest artists : Run Dmc, Seen, Futura 2000…
In 1984 she published with Henry Chalfant (photographer) the book Subway Art, which is considered as the bible of the New York graffiti Golden age. Even today, she is still one of the true witnesses of the emergence of these cultures. Reissuing this book is not a coincidence.

Exhibition dates of Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper : Remix, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art, Culver City (US)

Martha Cooper – Inoperable, Vienne
Graffiti NYC, Benrimon Contemporary, New-York
Galerie Bailly Contemporain & Taxie Gallery, Paris

Hellenbeck Gallery, New-York
Street Shots, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles
Black Rat Gallery, Londres
Martha Cooper: We B*Girlz & 25 Years Subway Art, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, Heerlen (Pays-Bas)

Gallery Studio Apart: 1958-2008: a fifty-year retrospective, Amsterdam

Missing: Streetscape of a City in Mourning-NY Historical Society, New-York


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