Born in 1975 and 1977
Live in London (UK)

Biography of Kai and Sunny

Kai and Sunny are a duo of British artists based in London. They met as art students in the 1990s. While one dedicated himself to fashion and the other to a music label, they decided to create a fashion brand, “Call of the Wild”, which was so successful that they felt like going further. They expressed their creativity in various domains such as illustration, advertising, and music.
They have worked with many brands including Alexander McQueen, Nike, and Reebok, and contributed to the realization of advertising campaigns for Apple, Ford, and British Telecom. In 2013, their work was shown at Shepard Fairey’s gallery in Los Angeles. They collaborated with him on a silkscreen work, which is how they gained international recognition.

Exhibition dates of Kai and Sunny

Caught By The Nest, Subliminal Project, Los Angeles

Art Basel, Miami Beach, Miami

Haunch of Venison, Londres

Stolen Space gallery, Londres

Available artworks by Kai and Sunny