Ben Eine
(Ben Flynn)

Born in 1970 in London (UK)
Live in Hastings (UK)

Biography of Ben Eine

Ben Flynn a.k.a Ben Eine was born in 1970 in London. In 1984, he began painting on the trains and walls of his city. Then he stopped graffiti, following the arrest and detention of two of his friends. He then started painting exclusively in the street. His made his remarkably colorful letters on storefronts and on the walls of London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, Tokyo, Dublin, Stockholm… He also became an excellent silk-screen printer, which led him to work with many artists.
In June 2010, British Prime Minister David Cameron gave Barack Obama one of his paintings as a gift. That same year, he painted an entire street of London with each letter of the alphabet. “The Time” wrote that this street now known internationally as a piece of art that has a direct link with the White House. In 2011, he was invited by Amnesty International to create a poster for their 50th anniversary. Since then, he has continued drawing letters in the streets and exhibiting his work worldwide.

Exhibition dates of Ben Eine

(Solo) ‘Communicate’ – The Lowry, Manchester, UK
‘Winter Group Show’ – White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, US
‘Love & Hate’ – Stolen Space Gallery, London, UK
‘Street Art: from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Libya’ – V&A Museum, Libya
‘Scope: NY’ – Corey Helford, New York Art Fairs, US

(Solo) ‘Love/Hate’ – Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
(Solo) ‘GREATEST’ – White Walls, San Francisco, US
‘Scope: Miami’ – White Walls, Miami Art Fairs, US
‘Unfair: Part 1’ – Whisper Gallery, London, US
‘Paste Modernism 3’ – Outpost, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia
‘MTV: RE:DEFINE” – Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, TX, US
‘Art in the Streets’ – Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles
‘Gossip Well Told’ – Moniker, London, UK
‘Zero-Sixty’ – Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, US
‘Street Art – Meanwhile in deepest East Anglia, thunderbirds were go….’  – Von Der Heydt Museum, Germany
‘The Beer Mat Show’ – Cedar Lewisohn, London, UK

‘Faces’ – Electric Blue Gallery, London, UK

(Solo) ‘The A-Z of Change’ – Carmichael Gallery, LA, US
(Solo)’EINE World Record Attempt Show ‘ – Nelly Duff, London, UK
‘Corked’ – Cork Street Gallery, London, UK

(Solo) ’When The Lights Go Out’ – Andenken Gallery, Denver, US
‘Urban Art’ – Reinking Collection, Germany
‘Make Over’ – Stella Dore Gallery, London, UK
‘Cans Festival’ – Leake Street, London, UK
‘Stella Dore’ – Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
‘4 Geezers’ – Ad Hoc Art, Brooklyn, New York, US

(Solo) ‘Vandalism’ – Kemistry Gallery, London, UK
‘Santa’s Ghetto’ – POW, Bethlehem
, Palestine
‘Open Studio’ – Kingsland Road, London, UK
‘Alternativity’ – Stella Dore, Brick Lane, London, UK
 Urban Sprawl’ – Leonard Street Gallery, London, UK
Nuart’ – Stavanger, Norway
‘Eleven’ – Leonard Street Gallery, London, UK

(Solo) ‘E is for Eine’ – Electric Sheep Gallery, Newcastle, UK
’Santa’s Ghetto’ – Oxford Street, London, UK
’UK Jack OK!’ – Collette, Paris, France

‘Santa’s Ghetto’ – Berwick Street, London, UK
‘POW Group Show’ – Allmänna Galleriet, Stockholm, Sweden

‘Santa’s Ghetto’ – Charing Cross Road, London, UK

Banksy vs Eine – Gallery V1, Copenhagen, Denmark

We Like Printing’ – Artomatic, London, UK & Alife, New York, US

Available artworks by Ben Eine

Videos of Ben Eine